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Finding good developers is always a challenge. Finding good developers who design great products and understand how your business works is even more difficult. Most developers get excited by technical challenges, not business challenges.

You know that building exactly what your business needs could have an outsized impact. But you need someone who understands your business and your customers. They also need to know how to build good web products, and write code.

This combination of skills in an experienced team is rare. It's going to take a lot of time to find those people.

But every day you spend looking is one more day not spent taking advantage of the opportunity you see in the market.

Waiting is expensive and frustrating

You want to get your product out there NOW to take advantage of a market opportunity. Or maybe you have painful internal process that some well-placed code would fix. But it's tough to find a mature team who you feel will help your business grow by delivering the product you need.

Your could use your existing team, but you don't want to pull them off building your product and servicing your customers.

Maybe you've not yet begun to look because it's so daunting. Or maybe you've spent days, weeks, or even months looking for a team you can trust to deliver without a lot of hand holding.

Either way, you haven't found the right team to execute. This is time and money that you're losing when your product isn't out there being used by customers.

Meet John

John is a domain expert who ran a successful business. He saw a problem and huuuge new market opportunity. The market was moving quickly, and John needed to take advantage of this rapidly closing window -- fast.

But John's existing development team was working on another product. And he didn't know any business-focused software teams who could translate his complex vision into a product that people would use.

Luckily John found us: two guys who learned about his business and customers, helped figure out the product that needed to be built, and then went and built it.

We helped John make $120 million in revenue

John hired us to help translate his vision into a business.

Fast-forward six years, and the product that was literally an idea when we were brought on is now a team of 40 that's done $120M in revenue (and counting).

We helped John identify his customers' key problems, hone in on the right solution, source and hire a talented development team to build it alongside us and to maintain it after our work was done.

John is on his way to building a huge business.

What you get when we work together

Here's exactly what you get when you work with us.

First, you work with us: the founders. We cut our professional teeth building web apps, and we've founded, run, and sold successful software companies. We write code on your product. We may work with talented partners for key pieces of the project if need be, but we're actively building and directing the project the entire way.

Next, you get a well-defined product development process that gets results. You benefit from hard-won lessons from over 30 years of shipping profitable software.

Here's our process:

1. Understand your market

We'll work with you to understand your business's context: what the market is, who your ideal customer is, what their problems and motivations are, and what the solution could be.

2. Determine your customers' problems

We'll talk to some target customers to deep dive into the problems they're having, and what a good solution looks like.

3. Mockup potential solutions

We'll translate your vision and the customer interview data into product mockups for you to review. We don't start coding until you think the mockups make sense.

4. Validate the solution

We'll confirm with a set of ideal customers that the mocked up solution would solve their problem.

5. Build and iterate

Once the mockups are validated, we'll build out key product features. We work in short iterations, usually two weeks. This is so you're not left in the dark and can provide feedback to inform the next set of features.

6. Set up reporting

Once our product work is done, we'll work with you to identify key business metrics. We'll make sure reporting is set up so you can track your metrics as your app grows.

7. Handoff the product

Finally, we'll transition the product to your internal team, or maintain it for you while you hire a team (we can help hire, too). All your code is robust, tested, and maintainable. Plus, we're available to help your team so the transition is as painless as possible.

We've helped these companies make more than $140M

Our products have helped companies like these collectively make more than $140M in revenue.

We can help you too.

We're probably a good fit to work together if...

  • You have an offline business and want to build a web app to go online, or
  • You want to build a web app but don't want to use your existing dev team to build it

Meet the team

You get 30+ years of expertise building web products.

Arif Bandali

Arif has spent his career building and growing early to mid-stage technology ventures. He has founded one enterprise SaaS business and consulted for many. He loves designing product and writing code, but not before having a deep understanding of the problem being solved and the business case behind it. He has a degree in Computer Science from McGill, and an MBA from Rotman, University of Toronto.

Kareem Mayan

Kareem has been developing, growing, and managing teams who build web apps since 2001. He has founded two companies, both sold. He loves building elegant solutions to painful customer problems, but only when sure there's a good business reason to do so. Kareem has a degree in Psychology and Comp Sci from McGill.

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