Selected Work

Key Business Result: $130M in donations

Services Provided: Product Management + Software Development

Chimp is a donation platform where users can give to any charity in Canada. We were brought on as consultants when it was an idea in the founders' head.

Over the next 7 years we helped grow it to $130M+ in donations to charity. The team grew to 40, with a product and technical team of 8 (which we hired and managed).

When the timing was right, we handed off a thriving business to the internal technical team to grow.

Predictable Revenue

Key Business Result: Concrete Product Strategy + Process to Ship Features

Services Provided: CEO, product, and dev team coaching, Product Strategy

The Predictable Revenue team built a SaaS tool to reliably generate leads using email prospecting.

Their CEO is non-technical, so we were brought in to coach him on how to build out a high-functioning product and software development team.

We also helped the team gain a shared understanding of the company's product strategy, coached the junior product team, and defined a lightweight process to help the dev team ship features reliably.


Key Business Result: Grew to profitability and sold company

Services Provided: Product Management + Software Development

SocialWOD was an in-house SaaS app. We built it from scratch for CrossFit gyms to track their members' workouts.

Along the way we hired a team of 9, grew it to hundreds of customers, and decided to sell it in 2012.


Key Business Result: Improving performance and reducing churn

Services Provided: Product Management, Software Development

We purchased Codetree in mid-2016. It's a lightweight project management app built on the GitHub platform. It gives project managers a high-level view of their GitHub issues.

Immediately after acquiring it, customers told us they wanted it to be faster and to add key features. Because we optimized performance and built new features, it's growing more quickly than when we purchased it.

Arbour Medical

Key Business Result: Grew to profitability

Services Provided: Product Management, Software Development

Arbour is an in-house SaaS business that we conceived of and built from scratch. It serves family doctors in British Columbia.

Arbour helps doctors optimize their billing. New clients typically see a 10k lift in billings within the first three months of using it.

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